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Mala & Mimosas

Celebrate Life! Welcome the Sun!

Join us at the BEAUTIFUL Casade Springd Nature Preserve for a morning of Yoga, meditation, adult refreshments and mature sisterhood.

We'll begin the morning with a brief, energizing hike to the rocky shoals overlooking the gorgeous Creek. We'll set our intention for the day, then begin our Yoga Mala practice.

Our practice will end with a relaxing guided meditation, then we'll enjoy freshly made mimosas, healthy, invigorating snacks and warm fellowship with like-minded sisters.

Intention: Self Love and Sisterhood.

What is a Yoga Mala?

A Yoga Mala is comprised of 108 Sun Salutations practiced in 9 sets consisting of 12 Sun Salutations A’s.  Sun Salutation A is the classical Surya Namaskar series of twelve physical poses linked together with breath.

What are some of the benefits of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation):

:: Promotes healthy digestion and gets rid of constipation and dyspepsia.

:: Strengthens and tonifies abdominal muscles by the alternate stretching and compression of abdominal organs.

:: Ventilates the lungs, and oxygenates the blood.

:: Acts as detoxifying agent: rids body of enormous quantity of carbon dioxide & other toxic gases.

:: Quiets the nervous system and improves memory.

:: Promotes sleep and calms anxiety.

:: Normalizes the activity of the endocrine glands - especially the thyroid gland.

:: Improves muscle flexibility.

:: Helps reduce fat.

:: Improves grace and easeful movement of the body.

:: Keeps your spine flexible.


Marilyn Oduenyi


Cascade Springs Nature Preserve
2852 Cascade Road SW
Atlanta, Georgia
United States